Dark Light

In fields of whispers, where wildflowers sway,
Resides a maiden, Oksana, her name a gentle grace.
From the magical and golden lands of Ukraine tender sway,
Her essence weaves a tapestry of love’s embrace.

Oksana, fair maiden of azure skies,
Where dreams entwine with the softest sighs.
In her eyes, reflections of boundless seas,
Blue as the heavens, where love finds its keys.

In Ukraine’s embrace, she found her nest,
A haven of warmth, where hearts find rest.
With gentle hands, she holds a rabbit’s grace,
A symbol of innocence, in her tender embrace.

Her touch, a melody of whispered dreams,
Each stroke a sonnet, in love’s silent streams.
In her presence, time dances in delight,
As stars above, adorn her night.

Oksana, a beacon in life’s labyrinthine maze,
Her spirit, a melody that forever plays.
In Ukraine’s fields verdant glen,
Her love, an eternal hymn, beyond mortal ken.

In her, the essence of romance blooms,
Like petals unfurling in twilight’s rooms.
For she is the embodiment of love’s sweet refrain,
Oksana, forever in hearts, an eternal flame.

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